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“I’m so thankful for you and your program and for being able to be a part of it because there is no other “makeup school” or anything that provides anything that I always wish that we makeup artists had. Because we always had to figure it out ourselves! Before the program, I was afraid to raise my prices, within a month in the program and working with Jenny I was able to book a 8K figure bridal package.

Misha N.

Bridal Beauty Business Owner

“The best word that I can describe my experience with working with Jenny is WOW! I was stuck trying to figure out how I can take my makeup artist business to the next level, and Jenny knew exactly what I needed to work on in my business and in my skill set to get me to the next level. Within one month of working with Jenny I was able to go form charging brides from $250 to my first 4 figure bridal package.

Ahshia C.

Bridal Beauty Business Owner

“My website is looking so beautiful Jenn, I am so thankful for the hard work you and your team is putting on this, also I am grateful for the improvement on my makeup skills, you opened my eyes to a new and better view.
Now I can see my mistakes and also do better every time I apply my new knowledge on a model.
I can’t be more thankful for finding you and signed up to your program. 10000% recommended

Wendy C.

Bridal Beauty Business Owner

Only one month an half in working with Jenny and her program and I have my first 4 figure bridal contract signed and pay. So excited!!!! Her system works and the feeling of confident that you are providing a luxury service is priceless.”

Ana M.

Bridal Beauty Business Owner

Lilac Profile

“Because of this program and working with Jenny, I have a professional website, brand images, social media content, and so much more! We are taught how to update our websites, create social media content, even have a platform where we can communicate to our clients on a professional level. There is also group support and one-on-one support from Jenny herself. While in the program, I was getting bridal inquiries and even signed brides! I was able to secured my first 4-figure bride and it feels amazing! The value that you receive from this program and coaching from Jenny is beyond words. Like I said, there is no program out there like this.”

Vidhi P.

Bridal Beauty Business Owner