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    Meet Jenny Torry!
    Your Beauty + Beauty Biz Mentor

    Bridal Makeup and Hair Artist and Beauty Instructor, Jenny Torry, laid the foundation of her future career in the beauty industry during her years as a professional painter. For 3 years, the painting was Jenny’s passion. It was during this time when she was selling custom artwork on her website that her natural talent as a makeup artist first began to evolve.

    One day, her curiosity led her to take her artistry skills to a new level; where she went from painting on canvas to painting on faces. With the unique ability to turn blank canvases into works of art, Jenny knew she could do the same with makeup. Friends and family were the first to receive her makeovers. After seeing the results and feeling the instant gratification, Jenny began taking as many makeup classes as she could. Not long after, she attended cosmetology school and later successfully earned her instructor license.

    Alongside Jenny’s work as a Makeup and Hair Artist, she also serves as a beauty educator and instructor at her own JTorry Makeup Academy. In her academy, new artists are taught the skills, theories, and techniques needed to succeed in all areas of the beauty industry. Jenny’s vision is to assist aspiring makeup artists all over the world in becoming the successful and confident artists they have always desired to be.

    With hands-on experience, they learn the importance of outstanding makeup skills and techniques that will elevate them into sought-after professional makeup artists for special occasions and events. Through her students, Jenny is able to see her legacy and beliefs handed down to future generations. Most importantly, she gets to see the joy of her clients as they are transformed by her lifelong passion.

    Jenny’s belief is that makeup does not make a person beautiful. Instead, she believes makeup enhances their natural features and magnifies their beauty that already exists. Although Jenny has worked in print and commercials, the bridal industry is her calling and where she showcases her belief most. With 13 years of specialized experience with brides-to-be, she utilizes her talent to help women prepare for one of the most important days of their lives. Every client’s beauty is expressed in the form of art, making them as stunning as they have always dreamed of being. Jenny’s experience with South Asian Bridal makeup and hair is unmatched. She helps her brides feel their absolute best and knows how to help her brides feel beautiful for each event.