Attention Bridal Beauty Artists

It's time to Attract your Dream Brides, position your Mindset so you can Stand Out in this competitive industry, build a Luxury Bridal Brand and grow a Profitable Bridal Business!

If you’re like, “Yes, it is my time!” then click below to join the elite bridal mastery program™ with Jenny Torry .

"It’s time to embrace your Bridal Boss status and show the world why they need YOU as their elite artist."

Learn how to grow a profitable Bridal Beauty Business, but first...

Does any of this sound familiar?

How do I know all of this?

Because I have been there. I needed to take action and change my way of thinking to make sure clients acknowledged by value and self-worth. I have a valuable skill, and I needed to move my confidence to the fore front in order to book my dream clients, make my business successful, and confidently walk about from the corporate 9-5 job.

I had to take action, but I didn’t have anyone to guide me so it took me longer to come to this realization, which is why I want to help you. My proven strategies and authentic coaching style will help Attract your Dream Brides, Position your Mindset so you can Stand Out in this Competitive Industry, Build a Luxury Bridal Brand, and Grow a Profitable Business!

I have your back. There are clients out there that will pay your worth. It’s time for you to work smarter and more confidently to project your self-worth and book the clients you want to work with, for the price you deserve for your skills.

We love what we do. We make people feel beautiful!

I also have a love for teaching and sharing, and I don’t want you to spend a decade to get to the ‘aha moment.’

I was where you are. Now let’s get you to where I am now.

An Elite Bridal Boss!

It’s time to embrace the Bridal Boss Mindset.

Finally, Attract Dream Brides that pay you what you’re worth

Stand Out in this Competitive Industry & become the sought-after bridal beauty artist

…and Make Money!

No more playing small. Let’s make it happen together. 

Welcome To

Elite Bridal Mastery Program

Four-month fast track to success.

The Elite Bridal Mastery Program is a personalized consulting & coaching online program for early-stage and established makeup artists who are ready to level up in their business & make a profit by learning and implementing bridal makeup, hairstyling, branding, marketing, business skills, and more in four months.

Participants gain access to one-on-one coaching with industry expert Jenny Torry, who holds more than 14 years of experience in the luxury bridal industry. 

Are you ready to become


Gain the skills you need to build your luxury brand, and create a profitable business of your dreams.

Whether you are newly trained, looking for direction, or have years of experience in the business and want to be a sought after Bridal Beauty Artist, the Elite Bridal Mastery Program™ teaches bridal hair and makeup artists everything they need to know to create an incredible, client-centered experience for brides on their big day. 

Learn About Patricia & Vidhi's Experience In The Elite Bridal Mastery Program

This program is meant for you if:

If you said YES to any of the above then this program is for you!

It's time to start focusing on You. Focus on how to Attract your Dream Brides. Focus on how to Stand Out in this competitive industry. Focus on how to build a Luxury Bridal Brand

...and focus on how to Make Money & build a Profitable Bridal Beauty Business! Turn your dreams into an Elite Bridal Business and be THE sought-after Bridal Beauty Artist.

“I can’t imagine my dreams are coming true to finally work In my dream job! Her education is beyond what others cannot give. Her hard work shows it in her courses I really recommend a trustworthy and honest coach, mentor, and teacher.”
Lucero C.
Bridal Beauty Business Owner

Hi there, I’m Jenny!

I have had more than 14 years of experience in the luxury bridal beauty industry and I’m here to help you achieve your dream. 

I created Elite Bridal Mastery Program™ as a fast-track program to your success. The program covers it all; from skills and techniques, to marketing, branding, and converting those inquiries into paying customers! I not only am working with you as your business consultant, but I am your coach & will push you to succeed!

Get ready to take your bridal beauty and business to the next level with my proven bridal attraction strategies. We will work together to elevate both your skillset and your brand, and you will become an Elite Bridal Boss Babe in just four months.

What’s Inside The Elite Bridal Mastery Program:

Discover how to craft a high-end, luxury bridal package that will get your bride's booking without asking for the bargain and discounts. (Valued at $1,500)

Lifetime access to the Elite Bridal Mastery digital course. This program is so valuable you will never want it to end! Access includes all of Jenny’s step-by-step blueprints, resources, tutorials, and videos on hair and makeup, and ongoing insight on building your business. (Valued at $20,000)

Four (4) - 60 minute, 1:1 coaching sessions (Valued at $5,000) with the option to:

Membership to the Inner Circle with exclusive access to the Elite Bridal Mastery FB Group, with networking opportunities and connections with industry professionals - Jenny shares advice, assistance, and support to sure your business continues to grow. (Valued at $1,000)

A customized branding makeover, that will highlight on your personality and style, and focus on a professional look to attract Elite Bridal clients. (Valued at $1,000)

Bridal Beauty Business Audit: A 90-minute review of your existing business beauty and brand, and the steps to create a bespoke strategy to ensure you are perfectly positioned for Elite Bridal success. (Valued at $2,000)

Weekly Q&A Sessions: Empowering members to keep moving forward by answering important questions with reliable and experienced advice. (Valued at $5,000)

A customized branded website design, and a marketing strategy to easily attract and book clients without the stress of web development and graphic design. (Valued at $5,000)

Take the guesswork out of digital marketing and social media so you move forward with a strategy to post and share, so you don’t have to live in Content Creation and can focus on your Bridal Beauty skills and bookings. (Valued at $1,500)

Certification and Elite Bridal Boss plaque. It typically takes years to learn the skills needed to create a luxury bridal business. In my program, I provide my professional insight, trainings, and industry knowledge into four months of valuable lessons. So you can grow your bridal beauty business now! (Priceless)

Plus - A limited - time
bonus for signing up today!

Enroll today and receive three amazing bonus gifts that will accelerate your bridal beauty business!

Not sure where to get started in building your bridal kit? Jenny has taken the guesswork out of stocking up, and has chosen the best in her industry favorites and packaged them for you in a Bridal Makeup Starter Kit!

Exclusive access to Jenny Torry in person! Jenny’s hands-on bridal makeup artistry training will take your skills to the next level. You will feel completely confident and be able to provide your clients with the ultimate bridal experience.
(Ticket must be used within one year.)

More exclusive access to Jenny! Learn all you need to know and implement the most popular bridal styles from Jenny herself. Your clients won’t even think about looking elsewhere when you wow them with your trending skills and techniques.
(Ticket must be used within one year.)

Learn About Ahshia's Experience By Clicking The Video Below!

Grab your calculator!

That’s $47,000 worth of coaching and resources!

For only $9,000 (with monthly or weekly payment plans available).

But hurry!

These bonuses and limited-time pricing are only available now. Soon, this program will increase to its retail value of $15,000!

Check This Out

Elite Bridal Mastery-V1.1-Original (1)

Why Choose Elite Bridal Mastery Program?

I created Elite Bridal Mastery Program™ to fast-track your success. The program is infused with my 14 years of experience in the bridal beauty industry and includes the essential principles to becoming an Elite Bridal Boss Babe in just four months. 

The program is built on my proven pillars of success.

= Elite Bridal Boss



Take your passion, craft for hair and makeup, and business to the next level. In Passion, we take your skills as an artist and enhance them so you can stand out in this competitive industry & become an Elite Bridal Artist. We cover consistency, quality, and custom, trending bridal work, and focus on a unique client experience. The knowledge and passion to continue to grow your skills, especially in this competitive industry, is what is going to set successful artists apart from the competition.



It’s time to learn to position your Bridal Boss mindset and show the world why they need YOU as their elite artist. You will learn how to position yourself in a way that will atract your dream, high-paying bridal clients and build a brand, vibe, and essence that is a magnet for income, impact, and for being in high demand.



Make your entire business run seamlessly while generating the income you dream of. Work smarter NOT harder! In Profit we’ll focus on creating packages that optimize (huge) profit, automate your systems to make sales when you sleep, give you back more time, close sales, avoid being ghosted, and more. It’s the business skills that will enhance and boost your Bridal Boss status.

“The VALUE that the program and Jenny bring is beyond words. If you are thinking of advancing your career THIS IS THE PROGRAM YOU NEED TO BE IN! Best career decision I have ever made.”
Vidhi P.
Bridal Beauty Business Owner
Limited-time Sign-up Offer!

Remember, I’m offering $47,000 worth of coaching and resources…

…for only $9,000 (monthly & weekly payment plans available).

But hurry!

These bonuses and limited-time pricing are only available now. Soon, this program will increase to its regular retail value of $15,000!

Have some questions?

We’ve got answers

We are confident that you will be thrilled with our Makeup Courses. We treat these courses as high-value investments for both the Academy and the students. So please note that once you have enrolled in and/or taken part in the classes or purchased our products your payment/s will be considered as a FINAL SALE and will not be eligible for a return/exchange.

We do not offer financing, but we have very affordable monthly & weekly payment plans.

This is a four month program.

Not only will you receive support within our private Inner Circle community, but you will receive daily support from me & four private 1:1 calls!

This exclusive program is both an online experience that includes coaching, personalize consulting, and private access to Inner Circle Members. You not only receive private login credentials to our online material, but you’ll also have daily access to me and four private 1:1 calls.

The live group calls are held every Tuesday at 12p CT – but don’t worry if you can’t make all of them! They are recorded and you have lifetime access!

If you’ve read this page and thought, “YOU ARE SPEAKING TO ME!” then this program is definitely for you. If you’re struggling to attract your dream brides, stand out in this competitive industry, grow a luxury bridal brand & of course, make money in your business then this program is for you. 

Then I would ask – how is your business & marketing strategy? If you’re struggling to really grow your bridal beauty business, then this program will still help. Most of the time, I find artists not knowing what to do with their business or marketing after they are certified. You’ve got to know both in order to build an elite business!

It is online through our online course, Inner Circle, and private 1:1 zoom calls. Plus, you have two in person VIP days!

You get it! Not only are you getting online training, you’re also getting 1:1 training with me and you have 2 VIP days that are in person events. 

Why not learn both? You’ve got to learn the business & marketing side if you want to grow a profitable business 🙂 

That’s fine! While this program covers both, I really dive into your business & marketing strategy so you know how to position yourself online and off. 

If you are still struggling to attract your dream brides & make money in your business, then this program is definitely for you! We’re after attracting dream brides, knowing how to stand out in this competitive industry, growing your luxury bridal brand, and of course, making money!

Yes! I actually build out your website & help with SEO optimization so you can stand out online and off.

We love using Dubsado and I’ll be showing you why within this program. If you still want to use Honeybook I can help you get set up, but I believe Dubsado is the best for your business.

I am working on your business with you! That’s one of the coolest parts of this program. I will show you everything from setting up your CRM, tracking clients and potential clients, setting up appointments, sending out emails, creating content, etc. All of this to set up an automated business so you work smarter not harder.

I think there is always room for improvement, especially if you’re not getting the success you want. This is why I offer a 90 minute business audit so we can really dive into where your brand is at now and how to make it even better!