Policy and Procedures

(all communication with students needs instruction)

  • Pre-Enrollment:
  1. When you Sign Up at www.elitebridalmastery.com, you’ll be asked to choose a schedule for the Discovery Call and answer some basic information.
  2. Upon submission, we will be sending you a confirmation email for your Discovery Call with the link and details.
  3. The Discovery Call will be done in Zoom as scheduled.
  4. If you decide to push through with the course after the Discovery Call, you will receive an email offer with the contract and invoice with payment portal for completion. Payments can be made with Paypal or Stripe.
    • Onboarding (Getting to Know You – Personal)form
    • Link to Client Portal
    • Identifying your Client Avatar (ICA)
    • Business Onboarding Form
    • Branding Onboarding Form
    • Scheduling Onboarding CallOnce payment has been verified, you will be given a Welcome / Onboarding email containing the steps that will guide you in jumping starting your journey with me. Kindly complete every step indicated. These are what’s included:
  5. Before the start of the class, make sure you were able to schedule an Onboarding Call with me. In the On boarding Call, I will be discussing with you the assessment of your current status and we will be identifying which areas we need to work on.

During the Course:

  1. You’ll be entitled to a bridal beauty business audit through the ONBOARDING CALL lasting 90 minutes to review your existing beauty work, branding and business stranding. I will also help you create a strategy plan that feels right to you so it’s ensured it’s positioned for success throughout the course.
2. The Elite Bridal Mastery is composed of three (3) pillars/phases of success:
    a. PASSION – focuses on honing your skills set and is divided into two parts PASSION: BRIDAL MAKEUP and PASSION: BRIDAL HAIR.
    b. POSITION – focuses on teaching you luxury branding strategies and setting the right success mindset..
    c. PROFIT – focuses on equipping you with the business foundation.
All three phases are translated into digital courses which will be discussed through comprehensive video lessons & tutorials accessible anytime on the online digital course portal. The course is taught in layers with the purpose of having a solid foundation of long term success. Every step that is provided in this course builds upon each other. Without one step you will have an incomplete foundation that will set you up for long term success You cannot proceed to step 6 if you have no clear understanding or clarity with step 1.

3. To access the DIGITAL COURSES, an email will be sent to you from the online digital course portal with members’ only access. You’ll simply click on the link provided, use your email as your username and use the unique password provided. I would recommend that you bookmark this login page so you can easily access it. 90% of what you need to be highly successful will be taught in these training modules. I highly recommend that you watch the videos at least three times for a better recall of all the lessons.
The modules will be unlocked over time, but the first four (4) will keep you busy for the first 30 days.

4. Practical sessions and activities will also be conducted all throughout the program to ensure that your knowledge of the lessons is applied.

5. You will be required to submit an OUTPUT in the link below via the Student Personal Portal for every homework assignment. Each of which is subject to the review of your Beauty & Biz coach (Jenny) who will be providing you with personalized audio feedback for each submission.

To submit, kindly refer to this link: Homework Submission in Student Personal Portal

6. To help monitor your progress, we will be providing you with a PERFORMANCE & EFFICIENCY TRACKER that is updated regularly. In the tracker, all the modules and homework will be listed and will be marked with a “C” if the item is completed or submitted. (Only your Beauty & Biz Coach (Jenny) is allowed to change your status.)


There will be deadlines to meet each phase (Passion: Makeup, Passion: Hair, Position, and Profit) and will have corresponding points depending on how soon you submit them to measure your efficiency. The goal here is to earn as many points as possible.

At the completion of the course, you will receive your Professional Makeup Artist certification with Gold, Silver, or Bronze distinction depending on the points you have earned per phase.

7. A WEEKLY LIVE GROUP COACHING CALL will be held at 1 PM CST every Tuesday conducted via Zoom to teach you and give you the opportunity to ask important questions to empower you to move forward. The WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALL will last for the duration of six-months or until the end of the course.

All the information for this meeting is announced prior on the Private Facebook Group (Elite Bridal Mastery Inner Circle) including the zoom link, forms to be accomplished, and other details. There will be pre-call forms you must fill out in advance to get coached on these calls or have your work reviewed in advance.

Any cancellation or rescheduling of the Weekly Group Coaching Call (due to national holidays, or if I have a wedding to attend) will be announced in advance via the Facebook page.

In case you can’t make it, the coaching calls are recorded and will be accessible on the online digital course portal within 48 hours.

8. You are entitled to SIX (6) ONE-ON-ONE PRIVATE COACHING CALLS which last 60 mins each. These private calls are conducted to provide you with more personalized help depending on your needs. If you feel stuck on Bridal Make Up & hair techniques or you have clarification on the business-related part, one-on-one calls can address your concerns in detail.

You have the option to schedule this call for either Mondays or Wednesdays subject to my availability as I usually have my own wedding clients too which fall mostly on Thursdays to the weekends. That is why it is not a good time to accommodate one-on-one calls.

Kindly check my calendar to create a schedule via this link: 60 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call- Elite Bridal Mastery

9. Join the Private Facebook Group (Elite Bridal Mastery Inner Circle). This group is exclusive only to EBM VIP students. All contents here are strictly confidential. Please make sure to pin this group at the top of your FB groups so you can receive important announcements and get support.

Link to the Facebook group: Elite Bridal Mastery Inner Circle

In the Facebook group, you are encouraged to share small or big milestones or wins to help inspire your fellow students so that we can celebrate with you. You are also encouraged to get help and support and feedback from your peers as well (i.e. you want to share your work or a social media post to get feedback before sharing it publicly).

However, please note that we do not coach you inside the Facebook group. For questions or queries that need more attention, we highly encourage you to maximize the Weekly Group Coaching calls or your One-on-one 60 mins coaching calls for better guidance.

10. If you need real-time advice, quick questions, or additional support in between coaching calls, you can MESSAGE me via Messenger. I am available to entertain your messages  Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. This does not apply to weekends, or when our office is closed. Please be mindful that only course-related queries and concerns will be strictly entertained. I am responsive but I ask for your patience as I will try my best to respond the soonest. Please allow up to 12 hours for a reply during the week even if I looked at it, I will get back to you. Trust that you are in good hands and all your questions and concerns will be answered. 


11. As part of your bonus, we’ve packaged up our favorite products in the JTorry Makeup Starter Kit. The Bridal Pro Makeup Starter Kit has already been sent. Kindly expect to receive the actual kit within this week. 

You are entitled to these other amazing bonuses:
  • 1 VIP Day Ticket – Hands-on Bridal Makeup Artistry Training with Jenny
  • 1 VIP Day Ticket-Hands-on Bridal Hair Styling Training with Jenny
These are available for redemption only after you complete Passion: Make-Up & Passion: Hair. It also expires one year from enrollment.